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Human Capital And Our Recruitment Focus
Everyone says it; personnel is the capital of a company, but the recruitment shows that the practice often differs significantly from this generally accepted opinion!
But also, in recruitment, a wrong choice can be made quickly and, unfortunately, companies will only find out in a later phase of the recruitment and selection process, and then valuable time and money will usually be wasted. This while the right candidate is still not found.

Enable Thailand Management Support (TMS) in your recruitment processes, and we will nominate outstanding candidates with our distinctive approach.
TMS is specialised in the recruitment of professionals
– at mid to senior level
in the disciplines of
– accounting & finance
– communications & public relations
– facility services
– human resources
– logistics
– marketing


What Employers May Expect of TMS Recruitment
As ever, without knowing the person behind the client and candidates, a potential match does not have to be sustainable. It is our job to actually get to know candidates, to make an assessment and then to persuade companies of the suitability of these people for the role. We get our satisfaction from the contacts we make with candidates; dynamic, knowledge-rich, experienced and ambitious people who want to broaden their path and/or are ready for a new career step. Candidates who are critical and selective and make a conscious choice regarding a recruitment agency and the mediation for a new job. Our philosophy here is that we, as Thailand Management Support, distinguish ourselves professionally by
• good promising selections
– we increase the chance of a better match and save time and therefore costs looking for the intrinsic motivation of a candidate in a position and investigate whether a profitable long-term employer/employee relationship can arise
• communicate alert, honest, direct and open
– a lot of procedures get bogged down, primarily by postponing decisions and wrong (mutual) expectations; we consider it our primary task to gain absolute clarity for all parties
• professional presentation of our client and our agency
• be able to recruit openly and anonymously without mentioning the name of the client
• managing a transparent recruitment process
• assisting in identifying the role requirements in education, experience and behaviour
• knowing the origin and pre-separation of the vacancy that is vacant
• prepare both client and candidates for the interviews and evaluate the experience and outcomes
• put the candidate satisfaction first (and not our TMS company interest!), and we are actually involved and interested
• the match with an excellent long-term balance in the candidate’s experience and ambition has our priority
• taking the time to get to know candidates, build relationships, and we do not believe in today available and tomorrow in the so-called ‘perfect’ job
• having practical discipline expertise and can, therefore, more easily share knowledge about job content and business processes
• profile ourselves in a broader role as solely recruiting; we solve minor and more extensive problems in the personnel area
• having a proactive approach to find suitable matches by bringing excellent candidates to the attention of our clients
• candidates placed by us, will never be actively contacted by us for a new alternative within a period of 3 years.


What Candidates May Expect of TMS Recruitment
Some reason to register as a candidate at Thailand Management Support
• our honest and clear communication
• supply of specialist functions
• for that appropriate next step in your career
a higher chance of a job that is indeed fitting for the longer term
• vacancies that are not online
• if you want a temporary or freelance challenge
• if you are going to orientate discreetly on new possibilities and job
• we will only present you to a potential employer after your permission
• our intensive coaching guidance in the application process
• for constructive feedback on your resume
• testing of (market-based) salary and secondary employment conditions
• guidance and support during the resignation and employment in the new job (so that no disruptions or delays occur)
• as we save candidates time in selecting and responding.


Distinctive Thailand Recruitment – 12 Strong Points
TMS recruitment relieves, is a sparring partner and every successfully completed recruitment procedure feels like a victory. Customer interest is paramount, and we prove that we can make a difference through our approach. Some aspects of our distinctive recruitment services are;

1. Greater scope through our active approach and network
Top candidates are difficult to find, are selective or passive because they are not searching for a new job. In addition to having a vast database and contacts, we can localise targeted candidates with a specific profile and to interest them in a new challenging job.

2. Suitable candidates instead of job applicants
Much time is spent on filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with applicants. However, many of these are not a good match for the vacant role. By employing us, the client only sees suitable candidates who are all pre-selected and match the criteria you are looking for as a future employer. Candidates worthy of being considered and interviewing. For such selection processes to be efficient and effective, one must have a well-balanced organisation with the right experience, expertise and resources, which is undoubtedly the case at TMS.

3. Standard prices instead of a salary-related fee
A fee as a percentage of the salary does not say anything about the level of difficulty of the assignment, nor does it say anything about the added value for the client. This is one of the reasons why we use a unique market-level price level which is in line with the recruitment labour intensity, job level and the success rate of the assignment. In short, no method of a percentage of the annual salary such as usual, but on the basis of a budget of the work, which will have a surcharge if TMS does not have exclusivity and that will increase as multiple recruitment agencies are appointed. Incidentally, this is inconceivable to us that many companies still opt for no cure / no pay as a vacancy placement will eventually be accompanied by costs anyway. We also do not believe that engaging multiple recruitment agencies will ultimately lead to better candidates. This as in our view, the cooperation between agency and client and the trust and perspective of that best and exceptional candidate should be decisive.

4. Quality through knowledge experience and motivation
We guarantee excellent quality, continuing to invest in our services and assignments, and as TMS we excel in
– the knowledge and time we spend on a comprehensive intake (where the contracting activity is pro bono),
– professional knowledge acquired through study and practical experience,
– insights into and the understanding of the different business processes through our work experience, also in the role of freelancer and consultant implementations (we have done the jobs that we are now recruiting for)
– associated directors, entrepreneurs as the contact person.
Our clients always do business with our associated directors directly, whom will directly oversee the entire recruitment process, from commissioning up to and including placement. The corresponding associated director is the cont(r)act person, is ultimately responsible and directs the search and selection consultant(s) assigned to the recruitment contract.

5. Transparency and manageable
Simply goal-oriented and also time-saving, we give clients access to our online recruitment process book so that they can adequately follow all development, from the intake, screening to interview reports. No periodic reports, but we always share the current status, and the activities carried out on behalf of our client. Working according to this procedure with a recruitment process book saves a lot of time and annoyance. Not only to provide insight into the work we have done and the progress but also to give clients the opportunity to make corrections and changes to the ongoing recruitment procedure. We share fully and all information to achieve optimal cooperation and for the best possible result.

6. Warranty scheme
Reducing the risk of the client is our motto. We do not want our customers to pay (in full) for a service that does not meet the agreed quality, and therefore we have, if necessary, a generous warranty scheme.
-Would the new employee say goodbye on his / her initiative during the probation period, then we will look for a new suitable candidate, free of charge. Of course, we will do everything we can to deliver a new candidate.
– Should the employer determine a candidate within 2 weeks and provide proof that the relevant candidate is unsuitable, we must be informed immediately, before the employment is terminated! It is then up to us to deliver a new candidate.
-If we do not succeed within 2 months to offer a new suitable candidate, we will give, without any discussion, 50% refund on the agreed order.

7. Cancellation of assignment
Due to unforeseen circumstances or other reasons, recruitment assignments can be withdrawn. Intending to the longer-term relationship, we are prepared to accept a fair compensation for the efforts made. If we can present a long list or are already in a more advanced stage, we will charge a maximum of 50% of the agreed order.

8. Candidate analysis tool
We do this from a first interview with the candidate a comprehensive candidate analysis based on personality, behaviour, competence and motivation. The idea behind this analysis is that we get a good and clear picture of the candidate and therefore have a clear idea of what he or she is looking for. In this way, we look beyond the curriculum vitae (CV), and we are able to make better or even ultimate matches.

9. Quality over quantity and speed
Certainly, in case of no cure / no pay assignments, it is usually a rush to take as recruitment agency your position as it is essential to be the first with one or more candidates. The result is that speed is more important than quality; with all its consequences. We as TMS choose to find a couple or that only one, best fitting candidate. Normally we will manage within a time frame of 6 weeks, where the selection/recruitment must be completed. In those weeks we recruit/select the candidates, the interviews will take place and eventually the client can choose a candidate. Should we need a more prolonged period due to specific factors, this will be indicated in our contracting offer. If the assignment is not completed within the agreed time frame, the client may cancel the assignment free of charge. Please note, that to achieve the assignment within the specified 6 weeks timeframe, we ask space in the agenda of the client so that candidates can talk to the client.

10. More than mediate and match
However, the mediation task goes beyond finding the right match between jobseeker and client. We stand for the use of our expertise in project realisation, advice and guidance to save our clients time and costs and, most important, to limit risks. In our view, this is advising and proactively steering towards;
– determining the selection criteria
– selecting candidates from our network or via external sources
– maintaining and informing contacts with the clients
– present and guide candidates in a professional manner
– preparing candidates for the interview by, among other things, providing information about the organisation
– make arrangements for introductory meetings
– assisting candidates and clients with their ‘manoeuvring’ through interviews, decision-making processes, contract discussions and onboarding (introduction and probation)
– maintaining the relationship management during the recruitment process and the probation period of the contact and, if required, acting as a coach or advisor.
We do give extra attention to interviews, which we classify as a skill! We prepare both the client and the candidates for interviews so that maximum returns can be achieved, any preconceived standpoints will not be leading, and the conversation will not stagnate but serves the purpose of testing!

11. Clear and honest employer branding
We are aware that employer branding is undoubtedly a determining factor in the current scarcity of talent. We strive to give potential candidates a real insight into the company. What it is like to work there, what the advantages are and what career opportunities there are, but also how is the atmosphere and the culture. And if possible we want to introduce candidates to a wide range of crucial employees within the company. All this to make candidates consciously choose for this challenging new job and the enthusiasm that can lead to long-term employment.

12. Temporary replacement (option)
We as TMS can temporarily fill positions for bridging gaps in such a way that the internal processes are normal and deadlines can be met. Another aspect is that we can offer – for a more extended period – fill in the preparatory and organisational development with temporary staff, in the case of new positions or department. In doing so, we also meet the fact that for appointing a new position and/or department, often a different candidate profile is required than for an existing operational ongoing function. After completion, a quartermaster will have little ambition to keep the activities operational and will prefer a new, different challenge. By providing temporary quartermasters, we secure continuity, efficiency and effectiveness in future recruitment and that the functional people do not face inadequate skills.


Recruitment Pitfalls
Employers, please do not make the below-listed mistakes and submit your recruitment assignments to TMS. Let us work together to grow the real capital of your company.
• No explicit agreements
Make clear agreements in advance about the procedure and price. Also, do not forget to make arrangements concerning a warranty scheme.
• Client provides too little information
Provide as much information as possible about your company and the relevant department, and this increases the chance of the right match. Discuss the vacancy in detail with other stakeholders and the recruiter (situation, culture, a profile about hard & soft criteria and other specific wishes)
• Unclear profile
The job profile is not clear, and the client/company does not know what they want. More difficult will be if the opinions differ internally.
• No or little commitment from the client or access to those involved
In addition to low participation in the intake, when compiling a profile and providing other essential information, it occurs that conflicting information or no source information is received. Blockades can also occur because HR offers no / insufficient access to those involved and the hiring manager (direct manager of the position)
• Undesirable savings on recruitment costs
The costs of recruitment are leading and more important than the employee’s income and the importance of the job. With the recruitment of staff, cheap is often really expensive, and a mismatch is very dramatic
• To many recruitment agencies appointed
An employer would actually have to employ only one or two agencies at the most. Working with many agencies is counterproductive; costs employer more time, loss of control and overview, candidates can be approached several times for the same vacancy, and if possible it can also lead to image damage of employer
• No cure / no pay leads to quality devaluation
Unfortunately, the majority of clients demand this method, but this also significantly reduces the commitment of recruitment agencies (especially those who opt for simple and quick execution of assignments) and increases the chance of a mismatch. We believe that other more appropriate agreements can be made. After all, in case of a possible placement, the employer will still have to pay the fee, and for recruiters, an all or nothing is not exactly motivating.
• Interpretation differences in the recruitment role
Is the recruitment agency merely a resume source or indeed a recruitment partner, should the agency identify ambitions and competences of candidates and/or should the agency verify the previous relations/appointments, diplomas and references? Due to the many possibilities, differences in expectations can arise. Employers should know the selected recruitment agency; exactly how they work and how the division of roles is
• Too much emphasis on salary
Imposing salary restrictions considerably below the market-based salary scales will not result in an energetic selection procedure with a sustainable appointment. Candidates are today mouth-wide and extremely aware of their value and expressly compare future perspectives.
• Secondary conditions are not included in comparison on time
Often it is thought that secondary conditions are standard but often appears at the last moment that they do not meet expectations and therefore do not meet the applicable standards of the company. A stalemate that frustrates, delays and very often leads to rejection.
• No agreements on delivery time
No or insufficient hard planning has been agreed. As a result, process data – especially when using multiple recruitment agencies – is not synchronous, not all potential candidates are interviewed in the same period, phases are not closed, and miscommunication will occur.
• A difference in working method between the commercial and search consultant
During the execution of the assignment, the recruiter has a completely different approach and style than that proposed by the commercial account manager. The result is that the collaboration does not correspond sufficiently to the wishes and values and style of work of the client.
• Give complete freedom to the recruitment agency
Recruitment agencies that take total control of the content of the job; recruiters tend to talk to an (unsuitable) candidate in the profile and/or make false promises, and if they are not correct candidates will drop out. Or agencies take an opportunistic ‘hit and run’ approach; go for sending unverified resumes with the result that quality is surrendered, procedures take longer and frustrations may occur. Client/employer must always maintain control and instruct recruitment agency, task-setting and correct!
• Do not assign special functions to non-expert agencies
A generalist firm has no specific knowledge of the market, the expert job profile, does not speak the language of the sector and comes with candidates who do not sufficiently meet the expectations of the client. Not optimal, but an option could be to make additional knowledge available from the client.
• Lack of appointments for interviews and missing feedback
Good candidates want to be taken seriously if the procedure is vague and unprofessional they will most likely choose a different employer, and the spend recruitment work can be classified as lost energy.
• The lack of a personal click
Too often a recruitment agency is chosen on their name, while in our view the personal click and expertise of the contact/contract partner are many times more important and the base for success.
• Save costs by not taking a recruitment agency
When a good calculation is made of the costs a company incurs when doing the recruitment and selection itself, it will become clear that costs in many cases will be much more expensive and hardly ever cheaper. Recruitment is a profession that you have to leave to specialists for better results. Besides, a candidate must match the vacancy content, company culture and all other variables. Experience shows that, even with a careful pre-selection, you have to talk to at least 6 or more candidates before 1 to 2 are suitable candidates who you can introduce to the client. Access and selection of the best people in the market is extremely labour-intensive. Incidentally, an ideal candidate who works for a client for years is worth the money. And what is too expensive? Have you ever calculated what a mismatch costs?

Why Choose Thailand Management Support For Recruitment

Only Suitable Candidates

sending not applicants but suitable candidates who are all pre-selected, match the clients' criteria and with whom a profitable long-term employment relationship can arise.

Attractive Smart Pricing

no salary-related fee but unique market-level price level which is in line with the recruitment labour intensity, job level and the success rate of the assignment.

Online Monitoring Progress

we give clients access to our 'online recruitment process book' to follow, adequately and real-time, all development, from the intake, screening to interview reports.

Candidate Analysis Tool

for reports and to re-analyse/confirm perceptions, at interviews we do a comprehensive candidate analysis based on personality, behaviour, competence and motivation.

Going Beyond Selecting

use of our recruitment expertise in project realisation, guidance and support to save clients' time, costs and limit risks by coaching, advising and proactively steering.

Professional Understanding

we are professional experts and have carried out relevant activities for years before we decided to offer recruitment / personnel services in a distinctive and modern way.

Temps Available

filling temporary positions (bridging gaps or temporarily need of extraordinary skills) which reduces the time pressure or secure continuity in future recruitment.

Promote Employer Branding

honest and clear, we represent our clients, being aware that employer branding is undoubtedly a determining factor to connect talents to a long-term employment relationship.

Generous Warranty Scheme

reducing clients' risk is our motto, they should not pay (in full) for a service that does not meet agreed quality, in consultation, we select new suitable candidates or refund.

Serving Motivated Candidates

respect, honest & discreet, we foster thoughtful choices/well-considered decisions, provide intensive job / employer insights + provide coaching guidance in application process.

Special Services


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