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About Us

We Are A Honorable Thai Company

Thailand Management Support is a Thai registered company, a collaboration of like-minded directors, a service provider to solve small and larger problems in the personnel field. We are experts in the disciplines of accounting/finance, communications/public relations, facility services, human resources, logistics & marketing and offer management support to Thai local small and medium enterprises, multinational and stock-exchange listed companies in Thailand.

Be distinctive and successful in our services. To make a real contribution to Thai companies by offering smaller and larger personnel solutions, the development of business processes, the flexibilisation of work (gig-economy) and, in particular, by helping to help build human capital. We think and prove that it can be more sincere and much better.

We are a young, decisive organization, a partnership of experienced, well-trained entrepreneurs. In our years of working experience (15 years plus), we have gained the knowledge and insight that the present time in which there is a real lack of talent demands a modern and distinctive approach. Changes are fast and only the future counts. Our ambition is to remain the best in our specialized services and not the most dominant as we prevail quality over quantity.

What We Do - Our Services

Professionals In Accounting/Finance, Communications/Public Relations, Facility Services, Human Resources, Logistics & Marketing

Temporary Staff

Quality Contract Hires - a temp agency / staffing agency offering staffing solutions, temp services, temp jobs for Thai & expat freelancers.


Sustainable Employment Associates - recruitment agency, dedicated professional recruiters winning suitable candidates for contract placements & permanent placements, jobs in Thailand


Practical Advising Executors - operations consulting services; advisory roles & project change agents / project change management for implementations of processes & business process improvements

Our Team Members / Account Directors

Sincere, Modest, Cooperative, Competent & Delivering Results


Tattaporn Ngiewline (Pae)

Director Accounting Services

Ben Doe

Director Communications Services

Nichayada Talerngsri

Director Logistics Services

Chris Tall

Director Facility Services

John Watson

Director Marketing Services

Ann Smith

Director Human Resources Services

Supportive Do-ers To Make Your Business More Easy

We Combine Knowledge, Experience And Motivation To Do Better