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Reasons To Hire Temporary Staff
Hiring temporary staff has many advantages. As an employer, you can determine that there is a need to recruit temporary staff, perhaps because there is:
• an essential member of the team is on maternity or parental leave or is ill for a long time,
• whether a critical position is not fulfilled and the recruitment and selection procedure will take some time,
• whether a large project is coming, that requires extra capacity and/or knowledge,
• whether it is necessary to appeal to a certain specialist knowledge that is not present within the organisation,
• whether specific changes and improvements must be implemented within the organisation and its business processes (start-up or implementation).

Conditions For Appointing Temporary Staff

The employee who temporarily falls away may have many years of relevant experience, which makes it difficult to replace. It goes without saying that one wants to hire someone with the same practical operational knowledge, skills, personality and ambitions. However, in the recruitment and contracting of temporary staff, this may be unrealistic to expect and possibly even undesirable. When hiring temporary staff successfully, it is a matter of critical interplay;
• the way of cooperation within a team and with other departments and people (or if applicable: managing),
• minimise disruptions,
• generate immediately certain productivity,
• and realise the intended objectives.

Employers, intermediaries and, if desired, the temporary staff member should explicitly mention these named points!
And for sure, it goes without saying that we as Thailand Management Support pay great attention to
• the intake,
• the introduction / on-boarding
• propose candidates who are overqualified for the job.

Temporary staff can offer many advantages, and it is indeed not just the name that differs from the permanent employees. ‘Temps’ is a useful solution for employers who want to navigate through transition periods successfully or to give a company a new direction. By making a proper preparation and setting up the job profile on the basis of realistic requirements and expectations, optimal results can be obtained from temporary employees.

Changing Times In Recruiting

We see a trend among many customers who have different expectations of the role of the ‘Temp’, what they offer a company and what can be expected. For example, our recruitment teams are often asked to find temporary partly qualified candidates, with recruitment criteria that are more suitable for permanent employees. Hiring ‘temps’ and hiring ‘perms’ are two entirely different processes, for which you have to set up completely different personal and job characteristics.
When hiring permanent employees for the long term, you want to give priority to personality, loyalty to the company and a carrier-specific product through a five-year plan for the company. When hiring for the temporary employees, these parts are often not necessary. But require a focus on short-term returns.
The most recent studies show that there are significant skill shortages in some of the world’s largest economies. In countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and America, they even struggle to locate the skills they need to fill high-skilled jobs. This shortage of qualified professional employees raises wages in many areas and leads to increased competition to tempt (and retain) potential employees. Another trend is the increasing number of professionals who opt for freelancing and temporary assignments. More than ever, there is a need to adjust the human resources policy to this, and to view the recruitment of temporary and permanent employees to be truly successful.

Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Staff

If a short-term function has to be filled in, there are also many other positive things that a temporary staff member can offer. To better understand the role of a ‘temp’ and what it can provide the company, here are the seven key benefits of hiring temporary staff:

1. Reduced long-term labour costs
Temp employees are a temporary solution and require not an infinite contractual appointment, not an annual salary that affects the salary budget. In short, the work stops likewise the costs do stop. Also, in most cases, no money will be spent on paid learning and development, as Temps will only be associated with the company for a limited period.

2. Short-term start
The process for hiring temporary staff has traditionally been a lot faster – and that must be for sure! This is because you hire purely from technical skills instead of the long-term cultural match. A condition is an adequate database of suitable and available candidates.

3. Direct impact
Temp employees are accustomed to joining organisations for a short period of time and know that they must be directly productive. Incidentally, because we often see it differently, an organisation should always take care of and take measures that temporary staff can immediately perform. Be prepared and courteous, but also know that there is no need to spend weeks to familiarize them with the work environment, introduce them to every staff member and train them with a whole host of systems; they must, of course, be provided with a soft landing, but they do not belong to the company employees that always stays!

4. New perspectives
Sometimes it only requires an outsider to completely change the way the company operates (in a positive sense). Often we become so used to our jobs that we are overwhelmed by details and existing methods that we lose the objectives. The more temps are hired, the more unique perspectives, insights from which a company can benefit.

5. Specific skills and experience
Temps usually have a particular set of skills and are used to performing on highly specified projects. To help a very specialised person, employees and the team will learn, and it helps the company grow.

6. Flexibility
Perhaps the most recognised advantage of temps is that they are flexible. Temps enable an organisation to respond to the needs and requirements of the market. They are often used for working in different locations, for different personalities and different time periods. Direct and versatile, directly productive makes the planning of the work much easier

7. Extended trial period
Hiring a temp is also the ideal opportunity to check whether you want to take that particular person a full-time employee for a specific essential function. Of course, it must match from both sides, and it must be assumed that the temp is interested in a permanent appointment.

Our Process Of Hiring Temporary Staff

Speed is a requirement and requires precise coordination in the recruitment process of temps. If you approach us for temporary staff, you can expect the following procedure;
• application
– we have prepared an application form for this purpose, so that we can deal with an application effectively and efficiently
• testing request criteria
– after receipt of the application, evaluate whether we have sufficient suitable candidates available in our database and we will be able to meet the client’s requirements; skills, start date, duration and fee
• create temp function and profile
If we can meet the requirements of the client, it is absolutely essential to make a complete outline of the job profile and the intended further collaboration. Depending on agendas and liking, this can be done in a personal meeting or by telephone. It may be useful to have a job description, but it must be tailored for a temporary staff function. As a rule, we let the client check the concept and correct and complete the document. The advantage is that this information will be shared anonymously with potential candidates, so all will have the same and adequate information. The following points must be dealt with;
– company profile
– function name
– corporate culture
– the position of the function
– tasks and responsibilities
– competences
– contract duration
– contract conditions
– expectations of the client
– liability and responsibility
– working at the customer’s workplace/company he will be responsible for health, safety & environmental matters and compliance with all legal regulations
– Introduction plan
– – the first day is essential; where to report, what are the applicable procedures, where is possible assistance, what should you certainly not do, how do I obtain the necessary resources and workplace?
• database search
– our database includes both native Thai and expats, pre-screened and preferred professionals, freelancers and temps
• approach and select a candidate
– we check availability, job criteria and share necessary information of the temp job
• proposing a candidate to the client
– our target is to offer 2 to 3 potential candidates within 1 week of receiving the application
• interviews by the client
– our preference is that we get 2 options to schedule the appointments for the client with the candidate
• the impression of the candidate
– we contact the candidates after the interviews to get an idea of the ambition and interview experience gained by the candidate
• assessment and selection by the client in consultation with TMS
– exchange and analyse information, take some time to choose the most suitable candidate – and in doubt do not hire!
• feedback to candidate
– reporting the results and follow-up actions to be taken
• to contract
– if one of our candidates is selected, the contacts have to be made
• on-boarding
– the introduction, as reported, we attach great importance to this, and if desired we would like to provide our cooperation
• accompaniment
– periodically do we want to know the developments, is the customer satisfied, is an adjustment needed, can we, as a TMS, be of even more excellent service?
• termination
– assignments come to an end, and hand-over is an ever-crunchy moment that requires extra attention; before we (probably and hopefully temporarily) will say goodbye
• evaluate
– the ‘lessons learned’ are important for all parties to achieve an optimal result for next temp appointment

Flexible In Contracts

Our temporary staff database contains a large number of pre-screened and preferred professionals with a proven performance record, of which the most has also been working for years as a freelancer / self-employed temp.
In addition to native Thai, we can also present expats, which indeed can be an advantage for internationally operating Thai companies or subsidiaries established in Thailand of a multinational company. Of course, it also offers the opportunities for a positive cross-fertilisation of cultures and working methods.
In contracts, we are incredibly flexible and let this also depend on the wishes of the client and the temp. Arrangements can be contracted by us in the following manner;
TMS enters into the contract with the temp, and we deliver our temporary staff contractual conditions to the client/company
the client/company immediately enters into a contract with the temp and pays TMS a brokerage fee which depends on the duration of the assignment and any follow-up assignments.

A Few Final Comments

We are convinced that no company should be satisfied with every person who meets the minimum requirements when recruiting candidates for a temporary position. As mentioned before; in doubt do not hire!
We also recommend, at every stage of a ‘temporary staff’ decision-making process, to ask the question:
“How long can I afford to postpone and wait?”
In addition to increasing internal work pressure and disruptions with all the consequences, it is obvious.
We all know that the negative consequences for a company of not having the right people and skills to achieve its business goals are sometimes not even scalable regarding costs.
Temps have every company many unique features to offer, such as significant expertise and a variety of experience motivated by perseverance and flexibility. They are known and familiar with compromises and to generate high productivity of high quality. Understanding the possibilities and the right application can help every company get the most out of temps when they come to strengthen a company.

Why Choose Thailand Management Support For Temporary Staff

Filling Personnel Gaps

in capacity and expertise; for replacement, ongoing recruitment procedures, specific roles / projects, train existing staff, implementations of improvements / changes, etc.

Immediately Available

direct impact; we cooperate with a large number of local Thai & expat, pre-screened / preferred professionals (freelance or contract hires) with a proven performance record.

On Demand Hiring

hire what, when and where you need; full-time, part-time( ½ or several days/week) or an on demand subscriptions (booking predetermined dates), at clients' office or offsite.

Flexible In Contracts

normally TMS is contract partner; but if client desires and it is agreed in advance, clients may do business directly with contract hires and pay TMS a brokerage fee.

Special Services


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